Data moniter to see what webpage used how much data. Brave Consumes too much data

I’m facing this issue all I did was surf some sites and none of them was youtube or anything I even checked the amount of data each site might come to load. what I did was open the site I wanna check and click F12 then go into the network it will show the number of bytes or kb it took to load each element. right now it’s showing disk cache but before it was around approx 200 bytes per element

Uploading: 2.png…
s 200 bytes approx for each element

Given the amount of trackers and adservers we block by default in shields, we technically would have less “bad traffic” and just the legit traffic the user requested.

Could go through the brave://history/ to review the site. Some sites may just generate traffic constantly (even without refreshing). If there a specific url or link that shows we’ve downloaded more than another browser, I’d be interested in reviewing.