I think Brave Browser is consuming more Internate data than other Browser!

I started using brave browser since 3-4 days and I am noticing it is consuming more Internet data than other Browser. Cant tell exactly but I feel this might be the problem. Can any one share their experience regarding this matter. I any one has faced such issues?

I personally haven’t seen this issue. Which OS are you using Brave on? This may help some Brave staff and others figure out if their browser is consuming more data too.

Some browsers (e.g Chrome and Opera) redirect data via their servers. In this way, they save your internet data, but they are also spying on you.

Brave doesn’t redirect data so it has a slightly higher consumption, but it isn’t spying on you.

I am using Windows 10

Windows 10 here; I’ve been using Brave for a few months and I’ve never faced that issue.

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