Make Brave Search Eco Friendly

I would like to see an eco friendly component similar to Ecosia’s in Brave Search; planted trees, tonnes of carbon offset, doesn’t matter to me what the actual implementation is as long as it tackles climate change in some.

My reason for requesting this feature is that I currently intend to continue using ecosia as my default search engine even though I’d prefer to use Brave Search and don’t actually like Ecosia for multiple reasons; I’m only using it for it’s environmental impact.

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That would be great :evergreen_tree:


that would be great.

Brave Search will be the best, if they plant trees and have more search results

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Beyond planting trees, supporting green initiatives and partnering with green firms, does Brave have any eco-friendly policies in the datacenters, or rely on data centers who advocate sustainability?

It would be nice if Brave did support the environment in some way or form.

Ecosia claims to plant millions of trees and fund dozens of projects, but nobody really knows if those claims are true.

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i dont think so, because Brendan Eich is a d#ckhead

Just concentrate on making Brave Search functional, relevant, and private, and that’s good enough for me.


It’s called Book of Revelations.

I hope they do with the water.