*CO2-Footprint* in Dashboard? 'through adblocking Xg CO2-saving' (Sustainability)

on brave-startup, an option on the Dashboard is shown, enabling you to see how much ads and trackers were blocked until now. so far so great.

wouldnt it be nice if this infos show you how much co2 you produced so far through surfing (footprint) - and how much co2 was saved through brave-adblocking / privacy-measures until now? a current trend in european computing is to quantify exactly an average co2-footprint-scenario of each everyday-online-things (streaming, social-networks) a.s.o. - why not do so for daily surfing minus tracking-/ad-networks?

from a technical perspective, you could simply cross-check each opened site locally by including the information https://www.websitecarbon.com delivers for this site (via api: https://gitlab.com/wholegrain/carbon-api-2-0) and add this information in an internal database that could be shown as a sum in the dashboard (resp. sum minus the adblocking/privacy-co2-savings). This should be done in max. 1 hour - if you have the will to do so.

The Dashboard could be a nice place for an option to show this information - as part of the stats, after you enabled “‘co2-footprint-overview’-option in stats”, f.e.

I think that’s nothing but a gag.
For me it is extremely questionable and dubious.

I am skeptical because we don’t know how much energy a website really needs.

The calculation is based on 5 criteria. I doubt if this is the right criteria are. Other criteria should probably also be taken into account.

The websitecarbon.com website is faulty. I have this under multiple browsers
(Brave, Chrome, etc.) tested. I received over 90% of all calculations of a URL
the error message ‘Try it again’.

Dear Johann,

thanks for your input on the idea!

the topic is trending in germany because fff and privacy-groups begin to unite as well as some government-thinktanks go after the topic. the linked site did have some first positive reception in some major german newspapers, enviromental journals etc. even the federal german ministry for environmental issues is starting a big approach for quantifying the carbon footprint of software and most net services, including a ‘best practice’-certificate (video #1, see others onsite).

  1. skeptical / we dont know exactly: but in order to deal with the problem, we need a starting point. the problem is more than clear, see for example this analysis by ‘newrepublic’. what do you think of another approach ‘carbonanalyser’?

  2. there could be a wide range of criteria applied, right; see for example the approach on the blog of wholegraindigital. criteria-wise, f.e. no one is really talking about the privacy as well as co2-implications of all the javascript-snippets / libraries lazy website-programmers include in nearly every major site producing even more traffic (to tackle see f.e. this approach). this should also been taken into account.
    what different criteria do you suggest especially?

  3. the website-carbon website works for me under Windows (Brave, Chrome, Firefox), MacOS as well as linux (Brave, Chrome, Firefox)

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