Ebay is unresponsive

Using ebay causes a “Page Unresponsive” popup to occur. Upon startup of ebay, Brave will consume the resources of one whole processor. It might stay at that level for 5 or more minutes. Once the resources have returned to normal, any interaction with the ebay site will start the excess usage all over again. It seems to be related to the later versions of Brave (currently using 1.27.109), as it didn’t occur using an earlier version of Brave (I hadn’t updated for about the last 7 or eight months). It also seems to be related to images on their site - requesting a larger view of a thumbnail will set it off.

Using Windows 7 32 bit.

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Can you tell me if you get the same behavior if you visit ebay using a Private browsing window?

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Using a Private window ebay seems to operate fine. I also disabled all my extensions (I only have four) in a regular window, but this didn’t help with the problem.

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Try clearing the following: (clear site data)
brave://settings/clearBrowserData -> Advanced - Cached images/files


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I cleared the ebay site data and the cached images/files - the page is still unresponsive.

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Does private window mode help? or alternatively a new Brave profile?

Yes, a private window seems to work okay. I turned off the “Shields” on the site and resources used returned to normal AND the response time is normal. I guess that Brave Shields was protecting me from something - what that was is anyone’s guess.

What recent change in the Shields functionality would cause this problem?

Private windows don’t disable Brave Shields. In fact, Brave Shields use the same settings as in a regular window.

If disabling extensions in a regular window doesn’t resolve the issue, I would try clearing all browsing data for Cookies and other site data, Cached images and files, and Site and Shields Settings via brave://settings/clearBrowserData.

  1. Type brave://settings/clearBrowserData in the address bar.
  2. AdvancedTime rangeAll time.
  3. Cookies and other site data, Cached images and files, Site and Shields Settings.
  4. Clear data.

Clearing Site and Shields Settings browsing data resets global Brave Shields settings, re-adjust them via brave://shields. Known and reported bug.

Not aware of anything @SLK001 , While having shields up. If you add the following @@||ir.ebaystatic.com/rs/v/$script,domain=ebaydesc.com|ebay.com into brave://adblock Does that help?

Or add ebay.com#@#+js(acis, tmx_post_session_params_fixed) into brave://adblock

Let me know if either helps

I added the "@@||ir.ebay… " to adblock, then turned Shields back on. Everything appears to be back to normal.

But what “ads” are there in ebay that need to be blocked? AFAIK, ebay doesn’t have ads.

Also, @Rethanis , opening a private window doesn’t even show the Brave Shields icon. I don’t know if that means that shields are off, or that “they’re on and you can’t change them…” I also have cleared all the ebay items you indicated, but this didn’t fix the problem.

Just to confirm, if you removed @@||ir.ebaystatic.com/rs/v/$script,domain=ebaydesc.com|ebay.com in brave://adblock it breaks again?

That’s a weird behavior. Glad your issue is resolved anyway.

Okay, I looked only at the Private window without any site. Load a site and the Shields are shown.

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@fanboynz - I commented out the line in adblock - problem RETURNED!

You might find my comments annoying for some reason, not my intention at all. Brave Shields in a private window use the same settings as in a regular window. I don’t understand why going into a private mode the first time, without disabling Brave Shields worked, and after that suddenly stopped working and you had to disable Brave Shields. It’s weird.

Rolled out a fix, with shields=UP. Give it 24-48hrs. @SLK001

@Rethanis - You’re not annoying me - I can just sometimes be really blunt. I DID find out that a Private window has the same shields as a regular window - you just need to load a page for them to show up.

This problem appears to be related to whether or not I am logged in to ebay. Logged in, it seems that a script is being blocked and something is caught in a loop. I am even having problems logging into ebay - the browser freezes for quite a while. The resource usage is not an issue, as long as the site doesn’t freeze up. I’m not sure if we’ve fixed the problem. Setting the “Trackers and Ads” setting to block all seems to fix the problem. Setting it to “Allow All” causes the problem.

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