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I use Brave exclusively on all of my Apple devices. I am on Brave version 1.31.91 on my MacBook Pro using MacOS Mojave 10.14.6. I am having an issue with logging into all of my financial institutions-banks, credit card companies, brokerage, etc. I receive a Page Unresponsive box with the option to exit the page or wait. I have no choice but to conduct financial tasks so I have to click on the WAIT button up to 15 times and wait 10 minutes or more to be able to use the site. I’ve never had this problem with Brave before. What’s going on and how can it be fixed?

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Can you please tell me what version of Brave you’re using? Additionally, can you try logging into one of these sites with Shields down to see if this is the cause of the issue? Visit the site, click the “lion” icon in the address bar and use the big toggle to turn Shields off for the site. Then try logging in.

Brave version 1.31.91 Turning off Shields makes no difference in the performance of the pages. It’s financial institutions, retail sites and others. It’s been happening since the last update.

Which specific sites? @FutureMagic, Citi cards,, There are more but I can only list 4 per forum rules . I’m trying to shop on the Columbia site and it’s taking HOURS for pages to reload, develop pictures, etc. My MacBook Pro has a new battery, new SSD 16Gb. of RAM. It’s lightening fast on any other browser and so is my network.

This looks a lot like my thread - “Brave lockup on two financial sites”

A suggestion that one turn on aggressive mode in shield seemed to work for my issue.

Thanks! I changed mine and we’ll see what happens. Wish that would work on my iPad. Brave is very slow there too and it freezes alot.

Switching to Aggressive mode should help @FutureMagic

Where can you do that in iOS 15 on an iPad? I don’t see that option in the Shields.

Oh, the issue shouldn’t affect iOS. Just checked macys & discover on my iphone 8, macys site is a bit slow but discover loaded fine, macys has aggressive geo blocking. but the site loaded.

Well thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.

I am asking internally ios users in Brave if they can reproduce any issues with those specific sites.

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