Any way to see if we are flagged for "suspicious activity"?

When updating my browser to 1.22.71 the process froze, and I had to reboot. Since opening Brave and completing the update, all my wallets across my users (Profiles for personal/work/spam browsing) now read 0.000 rewards and 0 ads shown. Prior, it was working fine with my Uphold account. Recently I joined the creator program, which seemed to work just fine before the update.

I have toggled ads and ad frequency across profiles, created and deleted profiles to see if they’re ad-enabled (they were not), rebooted the computer, toggled the VPN, disconnected the uphold wallet, checked notifications, and re-authorized my browser and creator accounts.

Before I try to roll it back to my fully functional previous version, is there a way to see if I was flagged for suspicious activity? It wouldn’t surprise me to have a few of my VPN provider’s addresses flagged in the automated system.

The balance shown below is from my uphold account and previously bought/traded BAT.

Hopefully this topic can be of use to anyone with a similar issue.


seria bueno que @steeven nos aclare un poco esto

i feel like brave is broken, sometimes my estimated bat appears as 0 and my bat is stuck at 2.330 bats even tho I recieve ads.


My issue wasn’t fixed with the update, even after a reboot again. I’m back to thinking it was flagged for activity.

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