Earned rewards "stuck" for more than 2 months

Hi there,

My earned rewards have been “stuck” for more than 2 months now. I have been getting my payouts as usual, but it doesn’t clear the full balance.

In fact, it only clears a tiny fraction of my balance with the rest stuck and continuing to accumulate.

I have tried connecting and disconnecting my Gemini wallet, but it’s no use.

This was a known issue and overall resolved for anyone who has kept their browser updated and active. What version of Brave are you using?
FYI, around 1.40 they asked everyone to update and then to leave the browser open as much as possible so it could sort itself out. The majority of people have had payment issues resolve, though not for everyone.

Regardless though, if you ever have issues in receiving BAT, then you should create an official Support Ticket so someone from Brave can review everything and try to get you everything.

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I think there may be multiple issues involved with “stuck” rewards. Including:

Maybe when people complain about stuck rewards they should check if they have either of those errors. Maybe the issues will get fixed then. :slight_smile:

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Wouldn’t say that’s it, as only Brave knows what they mean and how to fix. I mean, I get the unblinded token thing but I earn plenty of BAT and have had no issues. I know Mattches and others from Brave have suggested we not try to make assumptions on logs, but rather just to always submit support tickets so we can get in contact with them directly. Usually they get things resolved, even if temporarily. (As long as people actually respond and provide the info needed.)

Thanks for the reply. I have followed the steps in the article you linked, so hopefully it gets sorted.

It doesn’t hurt to submit that support ticket along with it if you haven’t. I just wanted to let you see that it was an ongoing issue that should have been resolved. It doesn’t guarantee though and it never is a bad thing to have Brave look into it with/for you rather than to just be hopeful it works out. There’s always a chance yours is something else and I want to make sure we have you taking all possible actions so it can be completely resolved.

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