DuckDuckGo appends "ed" to search term in Brave

I have had this problem with Brave in the past, and it has now returned to haunt me.

With DuckDuckGo as my search engine, every search I enter has “ed” appended in the DuckDuckGo page and search bar that DDG presents.

For example, if I enter the two words
incremental improvement
in the search bar, the DDG results page presents me with a search term of
incremental improvemented
and the original (Brave) search bar displays

I started using Safari for a while, some months ago, and I have been back with Brave for a few weeks, and now it has suddenly recurred.

This problem does not occur with DDG in a Chrome window.

Hey @pbw ! Welcome to the community :smiley:

When you are doing the search, are you searching via the actual website or using the address bar at the top?


I’m searching using the address bar, which then takes me to the website.

Go to brave://settings/searchEngines => DuckDuckGo => click on the 3 dots next to Query URL => Edit, and let us know what the last row says.

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I have the same issue. When I try searching with Brave I need to receive an email for access

I cannot change my private default search engine from DDG to Brave.
What I have found useful is when opening Brave and typing in the search engine I am shown 2 icons, Brave and DDG, I click on Brave ‘of course’.
If I click on Brave I get results from Brave, if I click on DDG I get results from DDG. I have uploaded the image.

Your issue is unrelated to this thread, but what you’re experiencing is a bug.

Github report:

I believe we found the issue.

Let’s try the following:

  1. Go to brave://settings/searchEngines
  2. Click on Add
  3. Add DuckDuckGo, entering the details from the screenshot below
  4. Temporarily set the newly-added DuckDuckGo search engine as default


That seems to work! Thanks.

You’re welcome :wink:

Now, that we made sure the newly-added instance of DuckDuckGo works properly, you could remove the old instance, and edit the new instance’s details however you like.

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