Downloading a book off of Brave browser

I have a book that I want to download to my iPad but I can’t figure out how to do that.

Hello @mkfelsted, thank you for bringing this up. what kind of file it is? Is it located on any website?

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It is downloaded as a PDF file onto my Brave browser. I would like to transfer it to my Books on my iPad.


Hello again @mkfelsted, Is it downloaded on iPad Browser? Otherwise, you can try using a external device like a PC/MAC with iTunes to transfer the file. Hope it helps.


It is on my iPad on the Brave browser. I don’t know how to transfer it from the browser to my iPad


Hello again Kathie, iOS has some restrictions for any 3rd-party such as PDF managers on their app store. The best way to save it would be to use print > swipe to zoom the preview a larger version will open > hit the share icon >choose “save PDF to" In that way should work. Hope this helps. Regards.

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