Can't Save or Share PDFs in iOS

In Brave one cannot save any PDFs to ‘Files’ in iOS, nor can one share them to other apps like Books, etc. There is also no option to create PDF, so you can’t create a new PDF version of the PDF to save it to your device. All other browsers on iOS allow you to save the PDF directly to Files (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc), only Brave does not. Brave does provide a create PDF option when on an HTML or similar page, but not when viewing a PDF.

Once a PDF is opened in Brave on iOS there is no option in the share menu to save to files. Nor is there any option to create PDF in the list. If an alternate option is taken (e.g. share to another app like Books) you simply get a ‘generating PDF’ pop up then nothing happens - it doesn’t actually download the pdf into the app.

You should be able to directly save PDFs to your ‘Files’ directories in iOS.

Brave Version 1.32.3 (

iOS Version 15.1.1 (on iPhone 12 Pro Max)


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I have the same issue. Very irritating. I have to copy the link to safari and can save the pdf from there.

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Thanks for the work around! I wonder if Brave can/will fix it???

I agree. This seems like the most basic feature to have regarding pdf’s and it does not exist from what I can determine.

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