Transferring bookmarks from safari to brave on an iPad

I’m having trouble finding out how to transfer bookmarks from safari to brave on an iPad.
When I hit the tab “import bookmarks” it only shows the files located on my iPad and not any bookmarks and favourites from safari.
Can someone point me in the right direction :pray:t2:

@BobbyBlue I’m not 100% confident on this, but figured I’d try to give you an answer based on memory and my time just trying to search for solutions for you. I even just spent like 20 minutes messing with my iPhone trying to figure out how the heck to export bookmarks from Safari, lol. But yeah, here we go:

It’s harder on iOS because of how Apple does things. Brave essentially needs an HTML file if I remember correctly. There’s no export to HTML option within Safari.

Even if you wanted to export bookmarks from your iPad to your Mac, you wouldn’t be able to export. Instead you would have to just make sure that your bookmarks were going to your iCloud, then you would import over from your iCloud storage.

To get it to your iPad or an iPhone, you essentially have to get your bookmarks to a desktop version and then you can export HTML from there. Or if you just use Brave on Desktop, you can import the bookmarks directly from Safari and then just sync to your iPad or iPhone.

It’s a little screwy, but pretty sure it’s how it works. I’ll tag @Mattches over on it in case he has any corrections on what I’m mentioning.

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I’ll ask the team but I believe that (when using Safari) this is the simplest way to make this transfer.

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