June 2023 - iPad Brave has obscure way to download a PDF file to FILES

Description of the issue: No intuitively obvious way for novice iPad user to download PDF being viewed

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Pick a PDF such as this one from Bose

  2. Try to find a simpler way to download into the Brave Downloads folder

  3. Erroneously used Send to Your Devices

  4. Found Save to Files in three dot menu under

Share with
Save to Files

Expected result:
Some way to select to download PDF as other IOS browsers do

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.51.2 ( from Apple app store

Mobile Device details
Newly purchased
Name: iPad (9th generation)
Model Number: MK2K3LL/A
iPadOS Version: 16.5.1

Additional Information:
Maybe this is a feature request or need for help or user guide

I checked Safari and we behave the same. You tap “share” → save to files and select location.
Let me know if I am missing something

I returned the iPad as it was fraught with hidden features and crippled apps requiring another Apple or Mac device to be usable.
Thanks for looking into it though.

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