Downloaded files aren't opening

Any apk downloaded via Brave is not opening directly. I have to open it from file manager. It shows “Can’t open file” error.

I have tried everything like reinstalled from play store, clear data, cache. Even I reset my phone. But nothing works.

Running Brave v1.12.113 on J701F (Android 9)


I am also facing the same issue no pdf no apk is opening. Same version of brave and android

@Dheeraj @ysl99 change storage to sdcard(external storage) then it will work fine. I have reported this issue to @steeven it will be resolved i hope.


Thanks it helped though pdfs opening in google drive are still blank so i used another pdf viewer which worked fine.

Yes it’s working if storage changed to SD card. But it would be better if it is fixed as early as possible. Thanks.

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I am also facing the same issue. I have unchecked the “asked before download” from the settings and i don’t have any external SD card. However, I’m still facing the same issue.

No it is not working

Not working in Honor play :unamused:

@Shoaib2509 @ysl99 fix is on the way

I can’t open PDF files, I have tried everything but nothing works.

@AdmiraL_KrieggsteiN it will be solve in next update

Thank you for the answer, Nasheed. I hope this would be fixed as soon as possible :slight_smile:

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