Cannot open or download pdfs from brave

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**Description of the issue:
Cannot open, nor download and then open any pdfs. works in firefox, it is just brave. **

How can this issue be reproduced?
Click on a pdf link or download and try to open a pdf

Expected result
Error message or nothing at all:

Additional Information:

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i tried it using this link and it work fine

do you get any error msg or what is happen when you click on pdf on web

“This file cannot be opened. try making the file name shorter” which is ridiculous given i have no control over said file name!

idk why @MaliciousMs i will ask @Mattches help he is one of brave team

hope your issue get fixed soon and have a nice day both of you

Can you share a screenshot of the error message that appears?

Done. :slightly_smiling_face: Forgot to do so in an actual reply to you though i think, but you’ll see them in this topic thread. Lol

disable all extension and also use private mode turn off shield and make sure that brave has permission to storage in the app settings

i think it could the permission but try all

try each of the above let us know what’s work for you

and have a nice day

Do you have Brave set to download files to internal storage or to an SD card you have?

I have the same problem. Download permission is on in settings. Download to phone. Tried using private mode with shields down. Downloads okay. In download manager, click on file to open and get message “Can’t open file”.

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your msg mean the file does not have app associated to open it

not sure if the following setting exist in android or not but check this
go to setting then additional settings under Privacy and security section Site and Shields Settings PDF documents Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Brave disable this one

hope that help and have a nice day

Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately I do not see anything close to that option anywhere in the settings. I do not see anything that refers to .pdf and the only download options are whether to ask first and where to save.

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I have adobe acrobat set as my default pdf reader. I have no problems with pdfs in chrome, firefox, edge, samsung or several other browsers I have used in the past.


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you welcome accroding to those link

it say that the pdf viewer plugin is not included in chrome for android which mean it’s not available to brave also
so you need to download another app to view pdf like pdf viewer you will find many in the play store

hope that help and have a nice day

Yes, the difference is with other chromium browsers after downloading the file, acrobat launches automatically to view the pdf. With Brave, I have to go to acrobat and open the file from there. Obviously I am still able to get my work done when using Brave, but needing to go to acrobat and find the file to view rather than it working automatically as with other chromium browsers doesn’t really make sense.


thats really wierd as that should be related to os file association so if file has has default app then it should open once you tab on it

COuld you help us here @Mattches and have a nice day

I agree with you, thanks.

you welcome :slight_smile:

In Brave, can you go to Settings --> Downloads --> Download Location and ensure that the browser is pointing downloads to the correct path?