Problem: Brave Android won't open PDFs from downloads

Problem: Brave Android won’t open PDFs from downloads

When I download a PDF if I go to the downloads section within Brave it does not open the PDFs.

Brave version 1.12.113

Other forum users are reporting the same problem.

A greeting.

Yes, I thought I am the only one facing this issue.
Developers, could anyone fix this?
Before this when a pdf gets downloaded it auto opens in the pdf app but now the Brave downloads page gets opened and if I tap on the pdf’s says CAN’T OPEN FILE.
but opens instantly when opened from any file manager.
Also checked that only Brave browser in my phone has this issue.
Using Brave: 1.12.113

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This is fixed and should be available in 1.13.x version. Please wait till the update rolls out.

Closing as this bug is fixed in the next version. Please open a new thread if you run into anything else.