Android 10 download problem

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I can’t open file from browser when it is downloaded, sometimes it doesn’t download file at all.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Install brave and download any file (apk, zip…) except photos.

Expected result:
File opening

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave 1.5.9

Mobile Device details
Andoid 10, OnePlus 7T

Additional Information:

What site did you download the file from?
What kind of file is it?
What behavior is exhibited when you try?

I found that problem on every website, but to reproduce it I am trying

Problem is with any type of file except images, I tried apk and pdf files.

File downloaded and when I press open it says “Can’t open file”. I hope that is clear enough.

I get the same on Poco F1, Android 10.
Files get downloaded but once finished the notification says “download error” and clicking it does not open the file. This is also valid for images, not just other file types.
Brave, latest stable

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I am also having this problem. I cannot open PDFs I have downloaded. I have not tried other file types. I also cannot change the download location and although the app has the setting checked to ask where to to save files, it does not ask.

If I turn off “ask where to save files” then it tells me it can’t find my SD card when attempt a download and does not allow me to download the file. If I check the settings again after attempting to download “ask where to save files” has been turned back on!

@Mattches, any updates about this?

I too am using poco f1, running android 10.
The notification says ‘download error’, and am unable to open that file from the notification.

But here is the catch: The files that I downloaded were openable using some file manager.

@R3V (and others),
We actually have a fix for this in the latest Android update, which you should see start rolling across Android devices today:


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