Description of the issue:
Downloaded files of all types cannot be opened from downloads tab on mobile version.
Issue has been reported multiple times by regular and Beta users for two or three years.
Why keep locking threads about this chronic bug?
Purported solutions such as clearing cache, uninstalling and reinstalling, toggling 'ask for download location" to the “off” position do not work at all so please stop ignoring us and locking threads.

Note: This is made worse by the fact that if you have chosen external storage you cannot choose any folder other than android/data/com brave browser (whatever the default download folder is if you choose external as.
Suffice it to say it takes a lot of clicks to get to your download using a third party file explorer app that can actually open files downloaded by Brave.)

This bug of not being able to open downloads is extremely annoying, given handling downloads is one of a browser’s primary tasks.

Brave Version 1.12.113
Device Xiaomi Mi Max 3
Android version 9 (9pkq1)


Here here! :grin:

Other than repeating previously asked “have you tried/can you try” have yet to see anyone respond with why this is happening and.why this is happening STILL, let alone an actual solution!


Brave Version 1.12.113
Device Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro
Android version 9 (9PKQ1)

@Mattches need support here.


Happy to help – however, the next person to type either a reply or topic title in ALL CAPS will be silenced (seriously).

This issue is known, the problem is found and a fix will be pushed with the update to v1.13x (next App update):

Note that it says it’s specific to PDF files but the fix will resolve issues w/all file types. Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for replying. Sorry for the caps.
But all we wanted to hear is that developers knew it was an issue and were working on it (or not). We weren’t demanding an immediate fix from you. But our bug reports were ignored for years, with the result that many lost patience and uninstalled Brave.
It is important for developers to be able to say publicly to people in their forums yeah, we hear you, we just don’t know how to fix it yet, it might be a while or even to heck with you, we are never going to fix it!
In the silent vacuum that often occurs following osts reports about usability issues, we are left to presume developers prefer to ignore this grunt-work and spend that time developing new features.
I was an early user of Brave – it’s a great browser, but honestly the support forum is sub-par.
I wouldn’t say the Vivaldi app is superior to Brave, but their support forum is leagues ahead.
When a feature isn’t working or hasn’t been implemented, they let you know straightaway whether it’s broken, in development or excluded from consideration.
Bad news is better than no news.

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