Download for Mac Beta Crashes Immediately Upon Opening STILL

When double clicking the a Brave App Icon the app attempts to open then immediately crashes! STILL!! BUT I’m already guessing you guys know that right.
Well da just download the dang app.

  1. Download 1st time… crashes upon opening
  2. Delete repeated
  3. Delete repeated

An app that actually opens. After all you guys have advertised you wished you had more eyes on the beta. How’s that possible when you’ve had this crashing issue since Aug of 2019 it appears? I’d really love to help you out. I’m impressed with the STABLE version. Not impressed by the beta nor how long it’s takings to make it stable enough to work!!

idk I can’t open the dang thing

very frustrated because I want to sync my bookmarks and now I’m screwed with no hope for an anytime soon other than to add them all one by one to my iOS iPad and iPhone individually. THAT SURE AINT going to happen. Lol

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I’m observing the same thing. I was getting beta for the sync v2…

Your post has only told me that the browser crashes. I don’t know any other information about your system. This is why we have the template in the editor – to ensure that we get all the necessary information surrounding your situation so it can be addressed.

Can you please fill out the template with the requested information and. then check to see if you have automatic crash reporting enabled (Settings --> Additional --> Privacy/security --> Help Improve Brave)?

Additionally, can you confirm that the browser still crashes in the same way if Sync is disabled in Beta?

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