Impossible to reactivate bottom download bar

Since today I guess an update has made the download bar at the bottom of browser disappear.
It was previously possible to get it back by deactivating the “Download bubble” flag but it has been removed as well.
So we are stuck with this tiny cumbersome button on top right of the screen.

Please please allow people to choose which option they want instead of bulldozing a way or another…


I can understand how frustrating this can be especially while download bar at bottom was very useful.

Avoid thinking its impossible to have this feature back on windows 11 or windows 10 which you might be using…

Because you can.

Here are the Baby Steps

  1. At First, Bookmark all of your opened tabs and start Exporting Bookmarks, passwords and Screenshot your Extensions list and uninstall the Brave browser.
    Note: Dont uninstall the latest version of brave which you currently have in your pc via control panel, use iobit uninstaller to uninstall brave.
  2. Turn off Your Internet Wi-Fi Connection
  3. Run the Setup file which are linked below… These are setup files of offline installers which will help you to get brave browser installed on PC even when you are offline.



you need to turn off Wi-Fi before you run the setup file just to make sure brave is not attempting to auto update to the latest version…

  1. After you got the browser installed, and before you turn on Wi-Fi, Go to task scheduler and disable the brave related setup

    Also go to services.msc and disable both brave update service

Usually if you use offline installers, brave browser wont be launched automatically upon installation, rather requires you to manually launch the application via desktop icon for the first time use after installation… Make sure that you launch the app after you have followed the previous steps.

Should you do this ?

personally i think its upto you… But as a friendly advise after seeing your post tone which seems you are very upset… i would say you can do this as older version of brave will still work… im on chromium 109 and every aspect of the browser is working flawlessly except for yt

Also, brave wallet/rewards might not work as intended as time progress by but that’s a whole different story as i have no interest in crypto…

Here’s what i think… Living with something older is much more better than living with something which you dont like… if you dont like the new decision made by brave to mindlessly follow chromium changes…Follow what i said above and it will work for you… As someone who downloads a lot, this feature is very important for me… im on win 8.1 so the issue isnt bothering me that much but i know how bad it would feel for people who are stuck on newer windows versions.

Well, thank you for taking the time to explain the steps for your solution. I guess it can work for some people.

However I won’t be going this way as I use Brave a lot for YT among other things, and as you said it might not work correctly. If there is no way to use current version Brave with the download bar, then my message is really directed to the devs!

if brave team understand this then its indeed great :dizzy:

I’m sure this is probably more on Chrome/Chromium removing the download bar/option, but if the Brave devs could implement it independently of Chromium like they can for other features it would be much appreciated by me too.

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If anyone is still trying to figure this out, I found this in the comments of a reddit tread, and it does work!

  • Right Click your Brave Shortcut
  • Go to Properties
  • Add * -disable-features=DownloadBubble* (without the * symbols) to the end of the Target Field (after the ") there needs to be a space after " and before - for this to work
  • Apply changes and Launch Brave
  • To pin to taskbar first unpin your current shortcut
  • Right click the modified shortcut and use the pin to taskbar button
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Wow, great news, thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

I was using Brave because I’d thought it’s got nothing to do with Google… Gonna finally take a look at using DuckDuckGo for the very browser as well, or something else.

How can we do this with Mac?

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i don’t know how to make an icon that you can double click, but you can open and type:

nohup /Applications/Brave\\ Browser -disable-features=DownloadBubble &

that will launch brave in such a way that even if you close the terminal program, it will keep running.

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