Download a PDF file blocked by your organisation

I need to download a ticket for train in PDF.
When I click to download, select folder, it end with error “blocked by your organisation”.
I do not have any organisation on my personal notebook, I did not created any rules for privacy/security.

“Your organisation blocked this file because it did not meet security policy”

When I go to
There is:
No policies set

Are you seeing this on a home computer/network or are you on a public/work network/machine?

its personal notebook at home with personal/home wi-fi internet connection.

Can you share the website in which you are attempting to download the PDF from?

its train´s company website, where I need to log in to my account, go to my tickets and there is icon to download PDF file of ticket.
I will not share log in details for security of my funds.

When I tried download ticket via Microsoft Edge browser, it works OK.

I think this a similar issue, the OS is configured to block certain options

my OS is not configured to block downloading PDF from that specific website.
As I wrote ago - I am not able to download PDF file from website with BRAVE browser,
but I am able to download the same PDF file on same notebook, with the same OS with browser MICROSOFT EDGE.

Please, I need help and not “thinking”.
Is there REAL SUPPORT from brave company???
Brave company do not care?

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