Delete saved passwords on another device

I would like to know if there’s any way to delete all information and saved passwords for one of my synced devices, to which I no longer have access.

I already manually changed my passwords, but I would also like to delete all information on that device. Will leaving sync chain be enough to prevent unwanted access to the sites to which my passwords were saved in the browser?

Not possible. Brave does not have that type of control over any device.

I’m not quite sure I understand your question here. You can remove the device from the sync chain and it will no longer be able to have any changes made. So if your password to was 123Password but you remove Samsung from the sync chain and then change password to Br@v3rox, then the old Samsung still would see the 123Password one.

If we assume your device is lost or stolen and you’d like to have the sync chain destroyed, that also can be done by sending an email to where they will also need you to provide screenshots of your information at brave://sync-internals, also making sure the Username shown there is provided clearly (best if you copy/paste, but also have it visible in screenshot).

Again though, any information that’s on that device will remain. So if you think it’s in a situation where your information might be in the hands of anyone who could misuse it, I would definitely leave sync chains and change passwords to everything. Also would make sure you add 2FA to what you could.

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