Doubt about sync feature in android

I have a doubt about the sync feature in android.
I want to transfer brave browser from device 1 to device 2. I synced it now if somehow or willingly i delete brave from the main device 1 does it affect the device 2 in any way?

I suppose, all synced data should be safe on the 2nd device. I will tag @mattches to confirm, thank you!

Thanks buddy i appreciate it

If you uninstall the browser, no it will not delete anything. If you go to your bookmarks and delete them all though, it will propagate across the devices on the chain.

That said, if you want to be safe, you can always disable any transferrable data types on any device such that changes to those data types do not sync.

For example, if you have devices 1 and device 2 on the same chain and want to uninstall the browser on device 2 (or make other changes on device 2) and want to ensure that nothing changes on device 1, launch Brave on device 1, go to Settings → Sync and disable the data types at the bottom of the screen so that you’re not “syncing anything”. Then you can uninstall or make the changes on device 2 without concern.

Hope this helps