DON'T EDIT POSTS "Our automated spam filter, Akismet, has temporarily hidden this topic"

Hidden post subject: brave bookmark import from chrome, desktop mobile bookmarks folder and contents missing.

After editing post (, post vanished and was replaced by message “Our automated spam filter, Akismet, has temporarily hidden this topic”.

New to brave, which on initial use seems great, but if transfer of chrome bookmarks isn’t working and my post about the issue gets hidden after hours of work, then brave doesn’t seem for me.

I’d first spent ages formatting post to the support template, then amended the post to add images; and give updates on two failed workarounds.

Guess I shouldn’t have re-edited the post, but why is there no WARNING this would happen??

This happens on regular posts or edit. It just means you had something in there that triggered the spam filter. Don’t know what you would have added or changed. I’ve had my own posts get caught and sometimes seen topics get triggered when I move them to the proper category. It’s annoying. Fortunately doesn’t happen too often

Thanks for the comment Stephen.

In edit I’d added that a possible workaround, of transferring bookmarks via edge browser, also didn’t work; and moved code for the two previously uploaded screenshots (having just realised positioning images in post was possible).

Do you know how long it’s taking, at the moment, before the post gets reviewed and might re-appear, and should I get a notification when this happens?

It’s a shame there’s no warning, especially when the reasoning sounds quite arbitrary.
Some warning, like “proceed and this post will be hidden”, doesn’t sound hard to implement, but it appears Askimat is more like some mystery black box with no control over what comes back out, and a reputation for false positives - flagging good comments as spam.

Worrying thing is that you could get blacklisted by Askimet if false positives aren’t picked up by someone and corrected.

@hungupdown Not sure how long it would take if left alone. I usually end up contacting Mattches with a link and he takes care of it. Not sure if you or others will normally be able to initiate DM with them after recent changes, but you can always tag in something like this if can’t send a DM.

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