Very first post hidden by akismet as spam

Experiencing major issues with Brave on iOS and joined here for help but the site immediately removed/hid my post as spam?

I tried to repost my question and it was immediately auto hidden again what is going on??

This is still happening and nobody is reviewing anything or even replying to these posts. Wtf is wrong with this “community”

Why does every post I make about the numerous problems I’m having with the browser get immediately blocked/hidden as spam and then never gets reviewed???

It’s an automated thing. It means you said something that it sees as spam or harmful. So you should then rephrase and try again.

You know what they say: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Holiday week. Plus they only review spam stuff like once a month, give or take. Support doesn’t work on weekends or holidays.

You left nothing to reply to. Everything you’ve done is just complain about things getting hidden. You’ve asked for no help and aren’t presenting your issue. So what do you expect?

It did the same thing for me