First topics and trust in Discourse vs Akismet

There seems to be an interaction between trust levels in Discourse ( and Akismet hiding first posts for review by a human (

So, now that I’m somewhat trusted, I’m wondering what to do next, about my hidden post:

  • wait for it to unhide automatically
  • wait for it to be reviewed
  • ask for it to be reviewed
    • if so, how
  • repost it


Edit: I don’t know whether it’s rude to invoke the admins by name, but waiting does not seem to have worked for me.

@sampson, could you please confirm that someone is reading the posts which Akismet blocks, to decide whether to unblock them and, if mine is to stay blocked, tell me why, please?

My Akismet-swallowed topic has not reappeared, and I am not aware of an explanation of any problem with it.

The content that would have been in it is here: