Donations not working anymore?

I just donated a few bats to test, since its a long time since I came back. I don’t see any donations going through(yes I am self tipping myself to test).

Its been an hour already and tips have not arrived, last time I check the donations were instant.

*Expected result: Se my balance in creators with the tips I have done

**Reproduces how often: always

**Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu): ### V1.22.71 brave version and windows 10

**Additional Information:

These are the ID’s of the donations I can see in my brave internals

thank you

Hi, @josemental, the payout process for Creators is currently running, this could be the reason for the delay you’re experiencing.

Please follow Support’s thread for status updates:

Thanks for the reply, but I am talking about tipping. Not the payout of every month on creators.

My tips are not being reflected on creators balance. Some have worked and some dont.

I don’t know the ins and outs of Creators accounts very well yet; it seems to me they both could be affected by the payout process, but I can see how it wouldn’t be, as well.

You still haven’t seen the tips come through, then? Can you tell me, @josemental, is it usually an instant process or can it take up to a day or so?

Yes balance in Creator account is applied instantly after the donation is done.

I have tipped more than 20 bats from diferent devices and none have arrived…4-5 hours ago.

Do you think it possible you could’ve been flagged for suspicious account behaviour?

No, since my bats this month have been deposited to gemini

I’ve been looking around because two other Creators have posted about this issue today, as well. I found some information from an earlier thread, these two posts…

…and this one makes me believe that this issue could very well be because the payout is processing:

payouts are done and still nothing.

@chriscat can you confirm this is still happening ( having to wait 7-10 days) for donations to show up in my creators dashboard balance?

Hi, @josemental, I’m not sure that Support member is still active on here, but we can ask @steeven.

7 days no answer no donations… @steeven please?

1 month still no answer… at all no dm no email not even here, i gave all the details and no answer. Now you will get flooded with rewards and creators emails, and ignore me another month

any news? @steeven not a single word

@josemental please DM me the email linked to your Creator account. Thank you.