I don't receive any tips

I’m Brave creator. I have 3 channels (Websites and YT Channel).

This week I get a information, somewhere spend me more than 20 BAT. But I don’t see this in my dashboard. Is there something wrong??

Hi, @andy911, I’m not quite sure I understand you, but the Creators’ payout is still processing. Follow Support’s post and watch for status updates. Please read the entire thread.

Edit: I don’t know if tips are being affected by the payout process. If there’s another who is more familiar with the tips system, I’m sure they’ll have some advice for you.

I don’t mean payout. I mean the actually amount of BAT in creators dashboard

if I receive a donation, the number of BAT in the dashboard should increase, right?


You’re saying that Uphold sent you a message/ email about a tip, but you don’t see it, correct?

no. I have send BAT as a tip to my website. but the amount don’t increase in my dashboard.

there is always the same amount 1.90 BAT current period

I’m helping a few others with the same/ similar issue, so I was looking around some more. I just posted a reply on one of their threads. Please have a read:

a friend send me this token as a tip to my website. but I don’t get this BAT. I don’t see this BAT in my creators dashboard

That’s very sad!

I don’t believe you’ve lost anything, @andy911, I just think you have to wait til the Creators’ payout is done processing to see how it all looks. You can follow that thread for status updates in my Post #2, above.

I think this hard to believe. when i make a donation with my own browser, the amount appears in the creators dashboard within a short time.

the other payments should have been visible in the creators dashboard long ago.

I understand how it could be frustrating. However, I see the payout process is complete (except PayPal), so please read steeven’s post carefully, go through the checklist before sending him a DM. When you write him, be as detailed as possible (my #2 post here, links to that thread).

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