Creator Not Receiving Tips Sent (again)

I was just tipped 2.25 BAT and it hasn’t shown up yet (it has been over 30 min). Is there a status page to see if there are system troubles or slowdowns?

This has happened before but the previous topic has been closed because it was inactive for 30 days.

When is the new dashboard being rolled out and will there be more feedback on what is going on?

I am upgraded to the latest browser version 1.52.122.

Since it’s the 8th of the month. The tips are kinda in a freeze period. I guess once creators payments for tips done during May, the tip of 2.25 will arrive.
You can track creators payments at

Payments haven’t even started yet. It’s currently showing status for May Payout (tips sent in April)

That May 2023 Creator Payment you quoted is for last month. Just wondering if there is a thread for each month (I can never seem to find the status). Something like the sticky that is for browser rewards payouts.

@Dheadrick they update the topic that SmartyAadi shared with you for each month. As it says in that topic:

Key idea is that payouts don’t even begin until the 13th. So you’re asking for it way too early. It will update next week when they begin to process.

I realize that but the browser rewards payout status begins earlier than the actual payout so I thought the Creators would follow the same format.

Also, the language is always a bit confusing…
Is the May payout the “Payout in May for April Tips”?
Or is the May payout the “Payout in June for May Tips”?
This could be much clearer if they just used one of the terms above.

Yes, that’s what it means. When we are paid in June, it’s giving us what we earned in May. They always let tips accumulate and then when the month changes, it gets paid to us for what we earned

“The tips are kinda in a freeze period.”

I just received another tip and verified that it is from a separate user. So tips ARE processing. Is there a way to diagnose in the internals where things are getting lost?

The original tip is still missing and was sent nearly a day ago.

@Dheadrick if you ever have concerns, probably is best to create support tickets.

Creators Support Ticket at

The problem is that the Support Ticket system is not setup for this issue. The 4 choices to not apply to this.


How would you investigate this? It isn’t the 2.25 BAT because that is next to nothing. The problem is that I have no way of knowing how many other tips are being lost.

@Dheadrick yours would possibly be payout issue. Main idea is to fill out the form as best you can but it’s primarily just to get them the information they need in order to look closer at your case. Things like your email and all, which ideally shouldn’t be shared here publicly.

So choose what is closest to your issue and then provide as much detail as you can under Description.

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