Why have my Brave Rewards Creators donations/tips STILL not transferred to my Uphold account?

The scheduled transfer of BAT donated to my Brave Rewards Creators account to my Uphold account that was supposed to transpire on the 5th to the 8th of this month failed to take place.

When I first made note of this earlier in the month in the thread, I was informed that it takes a few days for everyone to see their donations transferred.

However, it has been far over a few days now – as of this email, it is the 22nd – and the scheduled transfer still has failed to take place.

I asked about this all of this the other day, and I got a nonsensical response and the discussion was closed before I could respond – I was told to message the email associated with my account. Messaging my own email about this problem will not yield an answer to my question, the responder must have been trying to say something other than how it came out.

So, going to the FAQ, I see it is reported that three reasons could explain why the transfer has not taken place.

(1) “You may not have completed your Uphold or Gemini verification before the 1st of the month.”

In my case, that’s false. This was achieved in early March – the linked Twitter account (through which I’ve gotten all my donations so far) was verified on March 15, and the Uphold verification was achieved before that. It is now well into April, and the promised transaction has failed to take place.

(2) “Brave’s Creator ‘BAT payout report’ is generated on the 1st of each month. Therefore, any BAT a Creator receives after the 1st (e.g., in the form of tips or referral confirmations) will be carried over to the next payout date.”

Only about half of the donations I’ve received took place after that date, the other half took place prior. Neither half of the total has transferred, so this cannot be the problem in my case either.

(3) “Your account was suspended or placed on hold pending further correspondence with the Creator Support team. If your account was placed on hold, the Creator Support team will reach out to you.”

It has not been suspended and I’ve received no notifications nor outreach from the Support team.

In other words, neither (1), nor (2), nor (3) can explain this. So what can?

I would really appreciate an answer to this question, given that I am severely chronically ill and have very few ways of earning any money. I need every bit I can get, and even the mere act of typing this up is extremely difficult given the severity of the health problems (the culprit is chronic migraine and other neurological problems).

I am right there with you waiting… only i received 31.35 BAT back in February and STILL not a thing has been done, the “support” email address I had sent the support request to has STILL not bothered to respond. the BAT is still sitting in there, but I have absofuckinglutely 0 way to move it to my uphold wallet. Brave has yet again proven to be nothing more than a shitshow in my eyes… If ever I even get the damn funds to my wallet, I can assure the world that I will never be using brave or BAT again.

It’s rediclious no one has gotten back to you guys and so many others, admins keep mentioning they are under staffed, I think it’s time for Brave to at least double their support crew here, brave cannot grow if they themselves are not willing

no kidding… i mean… they would have to truly be fools to not do so, either that or they must assume their users are even more so, fools… and I’m not going to bull5hit for a second, I feel pretty damn fooled by their act.

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