¿Why do donations made to me on my YouTube channel not appear in my Brave publisher account?

Several subscribers of my YouTube channel have donated me but they have not reached my Brave publisher account because it does not reflect what I have been donated?

How long it takes to get donations to my Brave publisher account?


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Hi @HaroldYesidYT,
Apologies for late response.

Did you still unable to see it? Usually it takes 7-10 days before the balance reflected on your publisher dashboard.

Also, I would not suggest to do “multiple-tip”. It may trigger Brave’s anti-fraud detection. :wink:

Hi, thanks for the answers.

But the donations that they made me were already more than 10 days ago and they are not reflected and the next 8 is already close.

Then there is what I do if my subscribers are the ones who donate them to me.

So those BAT that you donated to me got lost?

This is my email from my publisher account


I’m going to make a video for my Youtube subscribers so they do not send me more BAT because apparently they’re going to lose

Thank you so much

Hi @HaroldYesidYT,

Nothing is lost. :wink: Maybe it’s a bug.
cc @Asad in case he know something about this.

It might resolve itself by the next payout date – let us know if you get everything on the 8th (which is this Friday)

good morning, I registered on January 17 and everything was correct, my uphold wallet, but I never wanted to verify the youtube account, even when at the time of tipping my account was verified, I never got the verification email and I have not received the payment for the day yesterday, help please, thank you @Asad @eljuno

Good morning Admin

On February 8, 189.5 BAT came to my Uphold account.
The problem is that this is not the same as my subscribers have donated to my channels. There are many more BAT that have donated me.

I also want to say that I am not carrying out any type of fraud. My subscribers are the ones who donate me the BAT and if they are so kind they can see that my account is not in the list of suspects. If there is a problem, I can ask all my subscribers to write to you as text.

I have several screenshots that they have sent me donations and they have donated BAT but they do not reach my Brave editor account.

Attach some captures of donations made to my channels

Are they so kind and can you tell me if these BATs that I donated to my subscribers are lost?

What do I do if my subscribers are sending me more donations?

I tell them that they do not send me more donations?




@Asad buenos dias saludos soy unos de los que le dono BAT al creador de Contenido de HaroldYesidYT por o cual nunca le llegaron

I have the same problem. Today is February 9 and only 14 BAT have arrived, when I am aware that several of my subscribers have contributed to my channel.

What happened? Will the contributions come later?

Thanks in advance. Regards!

I donated BAT to the creator of Content of HaroldYesidYT but they did not reach me, it will be that those BAT that I donate are lost.

Hi, administrator
I am one of the subscribers of the content creator of HaroldYesidYT and I donated BAT to their channel but they do not reach their publisher account
Will those BATs that we donated to HaroldYesidYT be lost?

I made a donation to content creator Harold Yesid and the donations did not arrive. They also made me several donations and they did not arrive, it would be good to have a solution

Harold, we don’t have you flagged for anything fraudulent, so we can rule that out. I am not sure why the tips are not coming in – really appreciate everyone chiming in with their proof of their tips. Harold, did you completely finish Uphold KYC? I just want to make sure you are all good to go there. Make sure you’ve completed every step here: https://support.uphold.com/hc/en-us/articles/206119603-How-do-I-become-an-Uphold-verified-member-

I notified the team and we’re taking a look into what’s going on!

Hi Admin
Thank you very much for answering.
If I have everything verified in Uphold KYC.
Annex test image.
Then can you tell me if what was donated was lost?

The next donations that I made if they came to me?

or I tell them that at the moment they do not make donations.
Happy day

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Looks good to me :slight_smile: Don’t worry, we’ll figure out where the missing BAT went. The team is taking a look right now. It may have been due to a bug with our ledger server.

good, since February 12 I have been making donations but they are not yet displayed on my editor page, I appreciate your help @Asad

It takes 7-10 days for the tips to appear in your dashboard from the time they are sent from the Brave browser. Thanks.

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thank you!!! bro @chriscat

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