iOS Ads not paying out BAT

Just a heads up, whenever I click a notification (ad) I’ve never given BAT for doing so. I rarely get them for doing it in macOS too.

Is there a trick I’m missing here? :joy:

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Hi @thomrhodes, thanks for joining Community!

When it comes to Ad Rewards, Brave does not payout when the user clicks on the ad, only on views. Also, BAT is not paid-out immediately after viewing each ad.

Hey Aaron!

Thanks for the reply and apologies for my slow reply. Thanks for the clarification, when you say “view” the ad, do you mean peruse the site that it’s recommended? If so, I do that as most of the ads are really relevant to me which is awesome!

Anyway, thanks again.


No @thomrhodes.
The notification is the ads. You get rewarded for seeing the ads – the notification.

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That makes more sense; thanks for the clarification!

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