Clicking on Ads FAQ Clarification

An ad pops up on desktop, I click on ad, I get another popup that basically says:

“You don’t need to click on the ads to get Brave rewards”

However, I keep clicking on the ads because the webpage that explains this is unclear about the specifics.

Unanswered questions that could be addressed on that page are:

  1. Do I get the same amount of Brave rewards for clicking vs not clicking?
  2. Does not clicking decrease the number of ads that I will ultimately see over time?

I’ll keep clicking until I know I’m not being penalized in some non specified way and assume others will as well.

I suggest you update the webpage that popup links to in order to maximize the compliance rate you’re looking for. Unless, of course, it was vague on purpose because users are penalized for not clicking on the ads based on the answers to those questions.

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Yes, there’s no incentive for going and checking out the product / business by clicking on the ad. That is exactly what the notification is telling you.

Nope. Not at all.

Probably next time, search a few topics and you’ll be able to help yourself.

SmartyAadi: I suppose that was only mildly patronizing so thank you for attempting to answer the questions. As for the rest of this post, it’s not a response to you. You can stop reading.

Everyone else: Consider this a business class case study in customer service and business effectiveness.

SmartyAadi stated that there is no incentive for checking out the product and that is exactly what the notification is tell me. That statement is objectively false. The notification is telling me that I still get rewards, but is not specifically stating the rewards are equivalent. Business communications should be clear to be effective.

SmartyAadi stated I could search a few topics and I’d be able to help myself. There are many problems with this statement…

First, I did search. But after a few minutes I couldn’t find answers. This is subpar customer service and the mere fact the discussion exists in the first place is a testament to that fact. The answers should be on the page the notification links to. This would negate any extra friction on every users’ part. SmartyAadi may have time to search around this site, but 99.999% of customers do not have the time or inclination.

Secondly, SmartyAadi didn’t link to any official documentation. Given his/her tone of response, any unwarranted trust and authority initially given to this person is negated. Even if the provided answers are true, readers have no reason to believe they are.

Third, SmartyAadi assumes my post was to solve my own problem. However, I ended the post with a direct suggestion for the company. This indicates that it was a post that I altruistically went out of my way to make. It was for the better of the product and all other Brave customers; it was not simply to scratch my own itch.

Finally, from a company perspective, effort was put into creating the pop up notification which indicates there is a business motivation for doing so. I don’t know if that was to increase metrics around ad click through rates, to decrease server load, etc. Regardless, a quick 2 minute fix to one linked page could increase the effectiveness of this initiative.

The outcome of this interaction is as follows. From a customer point of view, I’m going to delete this temporary account that I created simply so I could provide feedback to the company (since I mention it…having to create an account to give feedback is in and of itself, poor customer service). If this post gets a response, I’ll never know it. Like all the other Brave users who don’t know the answers to the questions I posed, I’m going to go back to clicking every ad that comes my way due to my unanswered questions. Brave will continue to not reap the full benefits of the initiative it is currently putting effort into.

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