Does Brave use Keystone?

I’m wondering if Brave uses the Keystone framework to update itself. A developer has found a potential problem with Keystone and CPU-usage on Macs (I realize it’s far from definitive proof).

I noticed that I have some keystone entries on my Mac, so I assume Brave uses this somehow?

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I don’t think so. I think they use their own updater. As for as I remember when Brave switched from their own engine to Chromium the updater was the same.

This may help answer your question


Funny, I did a deep search, and I do have keystone on this iMac, but I have never installed Chrome, nor any Google apps. Hmmm…

Do you have any other browsers installed? I googled it and there seems to also be a Node.JS based web framework that’s completely unrelated the Chrome Keystone updater.

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