Brave Browser is incredibly slow on macbook Pro

I’ve been using it since right after it was released and it just gets slower and slower. I’m using a 2019 Macbook with updated ios and newest Brave version. When I click on something most of the time, I get the spinning wheel for a second and then it goes through. When I scroll up or down I get the wheel for a second and then it scrolls. Scrolling is also very laggy and seems to move in chunks. Sometimes even typing I’ll get the wheel for a second and then you can see the words start going. Perfectly fine on my PC.

I’ve also done a comparison with Chrome and wow, Chrome is almost always faster. Tested multiple websites side by side. It’s usually at least twice as fast in seconds and often more than twice as fast.

One example is CoinMarketCap. Typing the URL and then pressing Enter takes just under 1 second on Chrome and over 4 on Brave. This happens with shields on or off.

Coinbase takes 3 seconds on Chrome and 7 seconds on Brave.

Do I need to clear cache and delete cookies? Uninstall and reinstall? I’m just a little concerned about losing all my saved logins/passwords, extensions and autofill options. Thanks all.

Which extensions do you have installed? Also try testing via private window mode.

Clearing cookies/cache could also help, always backup your logins and passwords btw :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. I’ll give it a try.

Unfortunately, it did not work. The browser is almost completely unusable. So slow to click or type anything. Clicking on other tabs takes seconds. If I close the browser and then open it back up, it takes about 8-10 seconds to load the browser and then each individual tab has to load. Can a dev or someone please help?

I have metamask, BSC, lolli and Origin Deals. Tried disabling them all, but same result :confused:

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