Has anyone got the Brave sync feature working between desktop and iOS?

When I first tried to setup Brave sync between my PC (Win 64 bit) and my iphone (iOS 14) for the bookmarks it worked despite the sync list of devices on my PC not showing my iphone. BUT after adding some additional bookmarks to the PC, after 2 weeks they have not appeared on my phone. I updated Brave 64 bit and also installed Brave 32 bit; I deleted the sync chain and set up a new one with 64 bit Brave. Again I couldn’t see my phone in the sync list on the PC but I did see a set of the original bookmarks from 2 weeks ago i.e. no list of current bookmarks. That was 3 days ago and still no update syncing. Tried the same with Brave 32 bit and still get the original bookmark list on my iphone. Is the Brave server controlling this syncing down or is this a bug that you can get an initial sync but never again ? I have read several articles on how to do this but even one as recent as April 2021, despite giving step by step instructions does not describe the same text on the screen as I see on my PC e.g. "select “Start using sync” is never an option when I follow the steps on my PC. I get “Manage your synced devices”. This sort of discrepancy puts me right off following any further instructions.

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