Does A Sync Chain Save All Of Your Bookmarks?

I had some questions about a Sync chain in Brave.

I did some testing with two Linux computers with Brave installed on them. I synced them together and then I turned off Computer 1. Once Computer 1 was turned off I made a dozen bookmarks on Computer 2, and then I turned off Computer 2. The next day so about 12 hours later I turned on Computer 1 and launched Brave and I was able to fetch the dozen bookmarks I made. The only time both computers were on and Brave was open was when I synced them together. This means that a Sync Chain will store these bookmarks on the Sync Chain servers.

My three questions are…

  1. How long does a Sync Chain store a bookmark? Does it store it for 24 hours, 72 hours, forever? Is the Sync Chain an exact copy of my bookmarks stored on a server?

  2. Is there a limit of how many bookmarks can be stored on a Sync Chain, 2000, 4000 bookmarks?

  3. If I remove all of my devices from a Sync Chain, will the bookmarks on the sync chain server be deleted or will they be on there forever and unable to be accessed unless I remember the 24 word seed to reconnect to the chain and delete them?

This should give you a pretty good idea about the inner workings of Sync:

I did look at the documentation but I cannot find an answer to my three questions :frowning:

Forever. Also, the “Sync chain” is essentially just a list of devices which point to an address on our severs where your data is stored.

No limit here.

Yes you’ll have to remember your code words to gain access t your Sync information, but Sync data never “leaves” the device(s) — deleting the Sync chain wouldn’t delete the data on any of the device on the chain or on our servers. Further, losing the 24 word code and removing your devices from the sync chain for all intents and purposes *is deleting your data *, since we have no way to access this data either.

Hope this helps!

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