Sync stopped itself before all bookmarks sync

Description of the issue:

Fresh brave installed on Windows 10.
Imported 69196 bookmarks from Chrome.
(Yes, I planned to sort an reduce them gradually on Brave)
Sync of bookmarks only, enabled with Brave fresh install on Android 12 stock version.
Directly, Sync of bookmarks performed well, step by step.
But It stopped at about 47716 bookmarks on Brave android version.
I thought of daily sync limit but 3 days after,
no more synchronization.
I’ve tried to add one bookmark on laptop side and also one on smartphone side, and none synchronized.
So, no more sync is applied despite I open Brave every day.

I’ve tried to retry the sync process by deleting sync chain, deleting all data on android brave then create bookmarks sync chain.
It do the same, the sync performed and stop In the same way.

Is there a limit on total bookmarks number to sync?
I want to switch from Chrome to Brave but to do it, I really need all my bookmarks.
What to do please?

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Dispose of, at least, 69196 bookmarks on a laptop Brave
  2. Enable bookmarks sync chain to a fresh install of android Brave
  3. Let open android Brave to perform the sync.
  4. Wait until the sync stop itself definitively.

Reproduces how often: anytime
Brave Version: 1.31.91
Type of devices currently running on the Sync chain in question:
Pixel 4a 5G on android 12