NOTICE: Unused Sync accounts will now expire after one year of inactivity

Hello Community,

As of June 1st 2024, we will be expiring Brave Sync chains which have not been used in 12 months.

This means that if you don’t open Brave on one of the devices in your Sync chain at least once a year, your Sync chain will be permanently locked and the associated encrypted data (bookmarks, passwords, history, etc.) will be permanently deleted from the server. Local copies of that data will remain on your devices however.

Should you want to continue to use Brave Sync after your Sync chain has expired, you will simply need to set up Sync again.

Why are we making this change? Firstly, we want to avoid spending resources on data which has likely been abandoned, and instead focus on improving the service for active users.

Secondly, we want to assure users that we are not going to keep their data around forever if they stop using the service. At the moment, due to the fact that we don’t associate Sync chains with identifiable individuals, users who have lost all of the devices associated with a Sync chain have no way to request deletion of the encrypted data from the server.

To summarize, as long as you use Brave on one of your devices every year, you should not notice any changes to the Sync service.

Thank you