Brave app takes up a tonof space

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Description of the issue:

The brave app is taking up a massive amount of space.
I have cleared the cache, browsing data, no downloads but still it takes up over 6.7 gigs

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Mobile Device details
iPad Air 4th gen
Additional Information:


In order to discover where the Documents & Data are, run thru the process of manually backing up the Brave browser bookmarks.

Back up Bookmarks - Brave iOS browser

Locate the 3-dot button - either at the top-most or bottom-most bars of a Brave iOS browser window. Given the portrait [display] mode on my iPhone, that 3-dot button is at the lower right.

Select that 3-dot button.

Choose “Bookmarks”

At the upper left of the Bookmarks window, locate the “< Back” button and click on that - and repeat until the “< Back” button disappears.

Next, at the bottom left of the Bookmarks window, locate the tiny rectangular icon with the upward-pointed arrow:

Click on that icon.

Next, click on “Export Bookmarks”

Next, click on “Save to Files”

Notice in the following screenshot, Brave iOS browser has its own “Downloads” folder that is distinct from the iOS Files “Downlaods” folder.

Here, we are ignoring / skipping BOTH such “Downloads” folders.

Here, we are going to save to the “Brave” folder – select the “Brave” folder:

Now, rename the Bookmarks file, in order to indicate the date of your backup:

Thus, you may more easily find the “Bookmarks_20220205_Sat” file. [Again, notice that you are saving to the “Brave” folder.]

Click the “Save” button.

Leave / Quit Brave iOS browser.

Now, in the main display window(s) on your iOS device, locate the Files app – select that app.

In the list of applications that may store documents and data, choose “Brave” [and, in that list of applications, each should show the number of contained items]:

Having selected the “Brave” folder, you should find the stack of stuff that is taking up so much “drive” space on your iOS device . . . and you should also find the recently created “Bookmarks_20220205_Sat” html file.

IF the only item that you find, is the “Bookmarks_20220205_Sat” html file, then look at the other listed applications among the Files browser. Somewhere, there would seem to be an iOS file system error?

There’s one file created and it’s 37kb….

“one file created” – Name? Location?

What other applications / directories are in the Files browser aboard your iPad Air?

If you have a Mac computer with the iTunes application, and you can make a connection between your iPad Air and the iTunes application, then you can use File Sharing (in iTunes) to view some file locations aboard the iPad Air.

@Blindman51 ,

I recently used my iPhone, in order to download a large installer (.dmg file, 127 MB) of a program for a desktop Mac.

The installer .dmg file was downloaded to the “Brave” folder at > Browser > On My Phone > Brave (collection of 20 files)

The “Brave” Downloads folder has been empty: > Browser > On My Phone > Brave > Downloads

Later, I accidentally (in-eptly) deleted the very large installer .dmg file, because I had set the

Brave > Settings > Brave Shields & Privacy > CLEAR PRIVATE DATA > Downloaded files

. . . slide switch to Enabled, and I had clicked on the “Clear Data Now” button.

Soon after, I was trying to solve another mystery, and I looked at the iPhone Storage Settings:

iPhone > Settings > General > iPhone Storage > [various apps - their aggregate size totals]

The total storage size for the “Brave” aggregate (visible plus not visible), was much higher than the sum of the visible:

  • Brave itself
  • Brave Browser Data (20 files in On My Phone > Brave)
  • Brave Browser Downloads folder (empty)

So, there must be some large, invisible (to the user) mystery item(s), in the Data part of the “Brave” aggregate.

Getting rid of that unknown data

After Brave Browser Data and Bookmarks backups (via USB cable and iTunes File Sharing), I completely deleted the Brave Browser package from the iPhone. Figuring, that the mystery data would also be deleted.

Next, I put the iPhone thru the full restart that Apple recommends:”

And then, I installed a fresh new download of Brave from Apple’s App Store . . . and then I double-checked the “Brave” aggregate size. It was almost exactly the sum of the visibles, mentioned above.

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