If I Sign In to Google Account and use Brave search, Will google still be able to track what I have searched and what sites I have visited?

Hi, I was thinking that “If I login to google account and use Brave search, Will google still be able to keep track for what I have searched on the browser or whatever sites I am visiting?”

No, Google can only track you when you use their services, only first-party can have access to first-party cookies, Brave blocks third-party cookies by default, which will reduce the tracking, plus Brave blocks a bunch of scripts that are used for tracking as well, so websites can’t use third-party tracking scripts or share information about you with other websites.


Just to add to @Emi 's response,
Google can’t track what you search for on Brave, However, Brave’s image search is not fully developed and recently, they provide image search results from Google or Bing (the user chooses which to use). So, if you do an image search and choose Google as your source, then you’re being tracked. Just a note to keep in mind.
Also, I’ll strongly suggest logging into to Google on a separate Browser (or containerised installation of Brave) instead and not log in to Google on Brave. Because, even Brave’s anti-tracking techniques can’t be 100% resistant to new trackers being developed everyday. So, some tracking might still occur (especially since javascript is always on).

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Yeah… That’s exactly I was worrying about but didn’t know about any antipatterns which can occur and now You mentioned it. Thanks.

I think It would be better to create two profiles for separate tasks with one of Google signed in and others won’t.

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