Do not receive rewards when i watch pub

From a week i do not received any BAT for watching Ads,
I have reinstalled the browser and try again bot nothing change my BAT account stay to 0.000
I do not see any notification.
I only see Ads on my new Tab page at the bottom left. When i click on it i see the ads is tagged as Seen or clicked in the Ad history… but no BAT…

I run under debian buster.

Hi @, welcome to Community!

Please see our FAQ for information on why you may not be seeing ads:

I see the ads but BAT are note increasing…

For example if i click on an ad on a sponsored image i don’t receive any BAT… The add is marked as clicked in the add history but not increase the BAT ammount…

BAT is accrued throughout the month and then paid out on the 5th of every month. You will have to wait until the next payout date to actually be paid.

No i mean my BAT account doesn’t increase. I dont want go be paid rigth now i just want to see my BAT number increase but nothing append
The last week my BAT amount pass from 0 to 2.28 and now it doesn’t move… i can watch ads click on ads or anything and the BAT amount does not increase

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