DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE - Webpages not loading (Windows 11 Desktop)


**Any web address typed or selected from bookmarks failed to load and one of the above error messages returned. **

**Did the issue present with [default Shields settings]? Yes, downloaded and installed the browser from the Microsoft Windows App Store, only changes made were to show Home button always, bookmarks and added lastpass extension. The browser worked lighting fast initially. Then suddenly all activity returned one of the many errors mentioned.

After reading several related topics posted from DECEMBER 2021 - FEBRUARY 2022 I found all had some connection to a possible firewall issue. Iā€™m using Norton 360 Antivirus software. I found the firewall rule entry in Norton. which gave Brave access to the internet as expected. The only modification I made to the firewall rule was simply uncheck the box and then applied the change.
I then launched Brave and the application immediately returned to perfect running condition.

I also use Firefox and was having similar issues. Performed the same changes for that application and it resolved my trouble also.

NOTE: In both applications all settings were at default settings post installation of the applications.

I hope the information here helps someone - good luck.

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Hello there @fjturner68 please accept my apologies for this inconvenience, could you please provide me with the Brave version you have installed in order to make further investigation?