Ditch Uphold for Brave's own L2 payments of BAT

Most people, myself included, hate having to use Uphold especially when there is a built in Crypto Wallets feature. While I understand the need for BAT to be disbursed off chain because of gas fees being larger than most BAT rewards, the use of a single centralized disbursement method seems counter to everything Brave stands for.

I believe Brave could implement their own L2 solution using ZKRollups or Optimistic Rollups to send BAT to users without having absurd gas fees. Not only would users love this, but I think it could be a HUGE opportunity for Brave and BAT. With Brave’s large user base and existing trust, they could instantly be a major player in the L2 space. They could start with simple transfers between accounts and add on exchange capabilities later. This functionality would keep Brave on the forefront of Web3, keep BAT within their ecosystem, open up new revenue streams, rocket the price of BAT, and DELIGHT users.

I agree. I’ve used the native wallet without issue since setting sail on my crypto voyage 10/2019. Though it’s well past a “3 hour tour,” I still remain quite the novice.

I have voiced criticism in what I perceived as an apathetic attitude toward the wallet when Metamask issued the “every man for himself, abandon hope all ye who enter here” statement that they(MM) would no longer support the variant crowd because $100k/day ETH from fees since rolling out Metamask"'s SWAP function wot, wot.

Really though, my gripes were unwarranted as the Devs and Supporting Folks have not had to deal with exploits in the native and the updates they’ve performed have Crypto Wallet working rather crisp. This has been my experience anyway.

I kinda would like Brave Blockchain with every app on chain using BAT in an aggressive and transparent theme. Given Ethereum’s chain delay trait (safety, yes?), Brave would surely have the time to test, test, then test, and if undesirable data propagates, ditch the method madness and fee up.

If you’ve yet to see the article, this is a good read:

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