Dissapearing rewards

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Description of the issue: Wallet balance of 0

How can this issue be reproduced?

1.BAT taken from wallet that had no expiry date
2. All rewards are shown but my balance is 0

Expected result:

**Brave version - latest android update

Mobile Device details samsung note 9

Additional Information: wallet seed available on request.

Not sure why this has happened again, I lost this once 6 months ago from updating only which was ridiculous already. what can be done here?

I am having the same issue already 2 months
Not clear why in some cases the Support agent request you the rewards-internal to recover your wallet and in other nothing
I already had 4 patch updates in my phone S9 and still same issue
Could you please “support” publish something more clear for everyone? the MEGA POST of 5 MAY is not up to date

Hi @Cryptorueda @RAPTORJESU5 - can you both DM me your Rewards Internals, OS and Brave versions. Thanks!

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