Android wallet support update please

So I have 9 months of rewards I can’t claim, totaling well over 25 bat and I can’t verify my wallet cause it don’t have any bat in it, which I’m pretty sure I can’t claim any bat cause I don’t have a wallet. Is there anyway to force the bat I have “available” to claim into a mobile wallet and so I can then verify my mobile?

I know they can send you the bat to uphold and invalid it from your mobile as I’ve had that done before, so what I’m asking should be possible shouldn’t it?

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still waiting fkn character minimum

I’ve got a similar issue described in an other thread.

still waiting on any reply from a dev

Can you elaborate please? What happens when you attempt to claim these?

here’s a video from half a year ago the same thing is still happening so why make a new recording right?

it is updated to the latest version with the tabs in tab thing.

Would you mind sending me a DM with the wallet payment ID on your device? You can find this on your brave://rewards-internals page.

A worrying trend I see is no support being given once a DM is sent not even acknowledging that the DM were received. It’s been about a week now in that time another pay out passed and my counter went up to 11.

It also keeps rolling over a large part of my reward to the next month never “paying out” mind you it been 2 days since the last pay period.

Still no update from support, have already sent them requested information almost 2 weeks ago.

i guess they don’t like being called out, because i just lost 8 claimable payout after my last post. and its down to 3 “claimable” and like 12 bat total, suspiciously half of what would be needed to verify a walled if i could ever claim it.

I’m starting to believe the lack of support after asking for your wallet is is so they can steal you earned bat as I’ve gotten no reply what so ever For the past 2 weeks other than losing 8 payouts for unknown reasons.
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The reasons are highly likely known and being discussed actively here on the forum. Can you please check and confirm that your device passes the SafteyNet check?

No, the CTS profile match failed, from what i found online my boot loader might be unlocked, as i’ve never rooted it but it is a developer phone(Motorola nexus 6) and from what i seen i cant lock the boot loader to fix this without wiping the phone, im not sure what would be saved if i created a back up of the brave app. as ive seen people complain that they have to create a new wallet on every mobile device and can’t link them. i’m hoping this isnt the part that that needed to work when you asked me to use safety net check.

Apologies for the long wait here. Let me see what I can do for you.

Apologies for the long wait. So I’d like to try something that resolved this for another user who was seeing the same issue. The full thread can be found here – but I’ve extracted the relevant steps/info below.

We’re going to try disabling your Android devices OEM Unlock – steps to do so are a bit cumbersome but not too bad. Try the following:

  1. On your Android device, go to Settings --> About phone
  2. Find the Build number (note that on my phone, I had to go to Settings --> About phone --> Software information to view the Build number but this will vary by device) and tap on it 6-7 times. Doing this unlocks the Developer options hidden menu item.
  3. Return to Settings and tap the newly revealed Developer options.
  4. Find the OEM unlock setting and disable it.
  5. Restart your device.

After restarting, run the safteynet check again and let me know if your device passes now.

can you not just pull out my bat as done before? the oem unlocking is greyed out and my bootload says it In engineering mode and everything I now find says that I have to delete all user data to even attempt to see if that would fix the problem.

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I think I have a solution for you here but I’d like to move this conversation to DM. Responding there now.

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