"you've reached the maximum verified device limit."

This just happened to me!

I have access to different computers and devices (home laptop, work pc, mobile phone, tablet, etc…) and naturally I used Brave in each of it, and I had to reinstall the OS in some of them.
Brave only allows 4 permanent connections for life. (I have them in Uphold). Also is available Gemini.

I found out I reached the limit of connections, I didn’t know this before…
So I have some questions…

  • If i reached the 4-for-life connections with Uphold, Can I still connect brave-rewards with a new wallet in gemini?

  • Is there a way to send “manually” my BAT to my Uphold account (or any other wallet/exchanger)?

  • probably I should re-install any OS from my devices in the future, how can I avoid loosing one of those 4 connections that I already have?

  • Will the problem persist if I create a new Uphold account?

Thanks in advance.

Si tienes familia mayor de 18; crea una cuenta de Uphold y listo. Hasta ahora no hay otra forma, según Brave esta trabajando para corregir eso (futuro).
Quiero pensar que; próximamente los BAT se depositen en la billetera de Brave, eso seria genial

@mabvmex You can try this process to have 1 device removed did not work for me not sure what I am doing wrong .Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches

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Hello, Braves.

Please, I want to know if one can claim the Brave Browser Reward with Gemini without using HOLDUP?

Thanks in Advance great people of Brave.

you would either use gemini or uphold with your brave browser on any particular device. I think you can still only link uphold and not gemini on android, although that is due to change I think.
Hope this helpd

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