Disappear my verified Twitter and YT channel

Hello, my twitter and youtube channel shows unverified on my Brave Mobile even I verified this already months ago. It shows verified before but it disappeared recently, I thought its just a maintenance but its not coming back after weeks, even I updated my brave mobile browser.


I have same issue but no answer from them over here. I saw my twitter and Reddit not verified although it was verified before but now it says creator not yet verified and my YouTube channel also now has no profile photo of my channel… but it says verified…

I hope there’s someone how to fix it. I just want to transfer all my brave reward on my uphold account.

@Jansen23 @Ella20,
Can you share a link to your Twitter/YT/any channels you have verified so that I can check on my end?

Hi sir @Mattches thanks for trying to help us, appreciate it.


so this are my account links, just been on brave for exactly 1 month… so don’t know if this is how it really works.

Here’s my twitter and Yt channel

It is verified months ago but now its not. Hope you help us.

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Your Youtube and Twitter account appears as verified to me on both mobile and desktop browsers. Your Reddit account, however, does not. That said, you also don’t appear to have any content/posts on your Reddit account.

Your Youtube and Twitter channels both appear as verified on my end.

@Mattches oh thanks sir,… appreciate it… I will try to fix my Reddit then.:smiley:

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Hi, yes, I can also see its verified on my desktop, but on mobile its unverified. I don’t how that’s happened.

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