Any website or channel are showed as not yet verified in my brave browser Android

Here is a screenshot. How to solve this?

Hi @zahedice - welcome to community and thanks for writing in! You can only send tips to Brave Verified Sites.

Hope this helps!

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I have a verified youtube channel. But in my brave browser shows as not yet verified. My youtube channel link is
Here is an screenshot…

@zahedice both is appears as verified on my end. For your channel, it’s require 24-48 hours to update the list.

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@steeven sir please help me…

@eljuno, I had verified my youtube channel one month ago. In other devices, it’s ok, but in my Android phone i face the problem. I had deleted all browsing history. Is it problem?

You appear as verified on my end as well. Have you tried disabling then enabling Brave Rewards in the app?

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I do so, but it does not work.

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