Twitter Channel Verified but not showing verified on mobile Brave Rewards Publishers

Hello, I have an Brave Rewards account, but my twitter channels could not be verified. Can you help me?

It may take some time for the verification process to complete and get included in the updated list. How long ago did you verify? Also, can you share the twitter handle you’ve verified here so I can check on my end?

I asked to verify two twitter channel accounts two months ago: @alejandrovzerpa Y @bibliocausto

Brave creator mail: [redacted]


Thank you – I’ve removed the email from your post as it should not be made public.

The @bibliocausto Twitter account no longer exists. @alejandrovzerpa on the other hand does exist, but is not showing as verified. I will reach out and ask why this may be the case, although I will note that it may be due to the fact that your channel is private.

Hello, @alejandrovzerpa twitter account is now public. @bibliocausto was biblioclastia, but I change the name.
I hope you can help me solve the problem. Thanks

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